An interesting immigration memo from DC

The Washington Post obtained a memo being circulated  among DC immigration reform activists on potential maybe votes among House Republicans for the Senate immigration bill. Raul Labrador’s name is on the list, which describes him as a “rising star” who is “committed to immigration reform even after leaving the bipartisan House ‘Gang of 8.'” Mike Simpson is also listed.

Keep this in mind: While Labrador is passionate about immigration reform, he’s made it abundantly clear he isn’t a fan of the Senate bill. Also, as the Post notes, these are Republicans who are open to immigration reform, and not necessarily this proposal. Simpson has indicated he’s more inclined to talk about this bill, if only to kick-start more dialogue. 

Either way, this memo is interesting. It breaks down each of the targets’ districts by Latino population, and notes past votes that might make each lawmaker more open minded about this bill. It’s worth a browse. 

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