How the upcoming SCOTUS decision on Prop 8 could affect Idaho

Check out this New York Times graphic on possible outcomes for two U.S. Supreme Court cases on same sex marriage.

The first case, on California’s Proposition 8, could potentially affect Idaho, whose voters passed a same sex marriage ban in 2006. There are many ways the court could rule on this one, but if it strikes down Prop 8 on the grounds that all same sex marriage bans are unconstitutional, Idaho’s ban (in the form of a definition of marriage as between one man and one woman in the state’s constitution) could be in trouble, according to this graphic.

The graphic provides no analysis on how likely that outcome is.

Remember, there are two rulings on same sex marriage that are coming down the pike this week: The one on California’s Proposition 8 (Hollingsworth v Perry), and the one on the federal benefits for same sex partners (Windsor v United States). The only one with implications for Idaho is Hollingsworth v Perry.

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