LINE Commission 2.0

UPDATE: I’m kicking myself for not noticing this last night. There are no women on the second commission. Last time, there was only one woman: Sylvia Medina, president of North Wind.



This tweet from @politicgame caught my eye tonight:


Those two men are former Idaho Attorney General and Lt. Gov. David Leroy and former Congressman Richard Stallings, D-Idaho. The agency was created in 1987 and dismantled in 1995.

Otter’s press release on LINE 2.0 does say the governor’s office is considering additional appointments, so it’s possible Leroy and/or Stallings might get a call.

LINE 2.0 is focusing on specific recommendations from the first LINE Commission’s report. You can read that full report here, or the summary here.

(Side note: Prominent anti-nuclear activist Peter Rickards was arrested last week in Twin Falls on pot trafficking charges. Rickards was a vocal critic of the first LINE Commission.)

Here’s Otter’s press release on LINE 2.0:



June 4, 2013

CONTACT: Jon Hanian
(208) 334-2100


(BOISE) – Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter today announced appointments to the Leadership in Nuclear Energy (LINE) Commission 2.0, which will be responsible for implementing and overseeing progress on recommendations from the original LINE Commission.

Governor Otter extended the work of the original LINE Commission earlier this year after it completed its initial scope of work. LINE 2.0’s work will focus on the six recommendations and over a dozen immediate actions that were part of the final report the Governor received from the original commission.

“Our goal is to fully explore Idaho’s opportunities for leveraging the expertise and groundbreaking research of the premier U.S. Department of Energy lab toward creating new jobs and expanding our energy and technology sectors,” Governor Otter said. “Amid fiscal and political uncertainty, we want to sustain and grow the Idaho National Laboratory’s mission while helping our citizens realize the greatest economic benefit.”

Here are the appointees to LINE 2.0, with all members serving at the pleasure of the Governor:


  • Jeffery Sayer – Director, Idaho Department of Commerce (chairman)
  • Dr. Steven Aumeier – Director, Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES)
  • Larry Craig – Retired, United States Senate
  • Bart Davis – Majority Leader, Idaho State Senate
  • Jeff Feeler – President and CEO, U.S. Ecology
  • Dr. Howard Grimes – Vice President for Research and Economic Development, Idaho State University
  • John Grossenbacher – Director, Idaho National Laboratory
  • John Kotek – Partner, Gallatin Public Affairs
  • Dr. Mark Rudin – Vice President for Research and Economic Development, Boise State University
  • Dr. Robert Smith – Associate Vice-President, University of Idaho
  • Jeff Thompson – Member, Idaho House of Representatives
  • Mike Virtue – Mayor, City of Blackfoot
  • Nathan Small – Chairman, Shoshone-Bannock Tribes
  • Steve Laflin – President and CEO, International Isotopes


  • Scott Bedke – Speaker, Idaho House of Representatives
  • Brian Whitlock – Idaho National Laboratory
  • Tom Perry – Legal Counsel, Office of the Governor
  • John Revier – Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of U.S. Congressman Mike Simpson

LINE Commission 2.0 members will have full voting rights, with ex-officio members serving in an advisory capacity. Several additional appointments to LINE 2.0 are being considered and may be announced in the coming weeks.


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