Sayonara, free parking lot. Hello, parking garage.

This is the last day to park at that awesome free visitors parking lot on Washington St. and 6th. 


I’ll admit it. I’m a bit bummed this parking lot is going away. I walked to the state house most days during the legislative session, but when I needed to get there early, the parking lot was always there for me and other journalists. We had to get there by 7:40 most mornings to snag a spot — otherwise the pages and lobbyists would have beaten us to it. 

The former lot will be the new home of a Capitol Mall parking garage, which will provide 580 parking spaces for visitors and state employees. That’s great news for state employees whose parking spots are displaced for three months of the year during the legislative session. 

As for the rest of us freeloaders, I suppose we’ll have to get used to walking a few extra blocks.

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One Response to Sayonara, free parking lot. Hello, parking garage.

  1. ryndice says:

    I am kind of sad about this too. It was the lot I always cruised through first, before heading to a metered spot on the street near the Statehouse. I don’t like anything about the new lot. It’s height is out of character for the neighborhood, so is the design. I hate the way the lawmakers decided they could overrule the local P & Z ordinances and just get their way. The Legislature should be all about following rules, not breaking them when it is to their benefit. I am also upset that the City of Boise might start charging for parking on the street on Saturdays. If I lived in Boise I would bike, walk or ride the bus, but living in Meridian, that is hard to do in a timely fashion. I am about trying to reduce the number of cars on the roads, but this parking garage and charging for parking are not the way to do it. Just my two cents!

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