Wayne Hoffman is now a meme


I suppose it was only a matter of time.

Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Wayne Hoffman is now a meme: Idaho Freedom Man.  (Don’t know what a meme is? Here’s a run-down from Wikipedia.)

The memes poke fun at Hoffman’s ideology, saying things like “Thinks he knows what’s best for Idahoans/Isn’t even from Idaho” and ” Claims he’s non-partisan/Can’t understand why people laugh.” There are a couple dozen pictures, and judging by the time stamps, someone did them in the middle of the night last night. One of them got a bit nasty and brought up his family. (C’mon now, guys.) Others give criticism on Idaho Reporter and issues on which the Freedom Foundation has (or hasn’t) commented.

I called Hoffman this morning to see what he thought. He had seen many of them, but shrugged them off.

“I don’t find a lot of value in personal attacks,” he said, adding it does nothing for political discourse.

This isn’t his first social network roasting, he pointed out. Apparently, there is also an Idaho Freedom from Wayne Hoffman Foundation on Facebook.  He’s even commented on at least one post.

Two thoughts here: What level of infamy do you have to achieve to reach meme status? Also, if I had a Facebook group dedicated to hating on me, I’m not sure I’d have the cojones to check it out and engage with my anti-fans. So for that, hats off to you, Mr. Hoffman.



Wayne’s friends are getting in on it, too!



A Hoffman pal posted this on the Idaho Freedom from Wayne Hoffman page, Hoffman clicked like, and whoever runs the profile gave a shout-out to body building state senator Curt McKenzie. See, the Internet can bring everyone together! It’s a beautiful thing.

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One Response to Wayne Hoffman is now a meme

  1. From what I know of Wayne Hoffman, he doesn’t hate public schools. He just doesn’t think they provide a fair and balanced approach to education. They have become an instument of indoctrination and brain washing that is truly dangerous in order to preserve freedom. The amount of indoctrination present in government schools can only be appreciated by someone who has attended them. He has attended them and so have I and I have the same fear of the results as he does.
    Maurice Clements

  2. Vicky says:

    This is fun, but I don’t think Wayne Hoffman is significant enough to be classed as a meme. He’s just a 2-bit shill fronting for the corporate agenda which will ultimately lead to the enslavement of “the little people” he obviously despises. The message of “freedom” is freedom for corporations – not for people.

  3. paul46 says:

    Beyond the 3 r’s the best thing schools can teach is critical thinking and they don’t! The drivel that passed for history when I suffered K-12 in both a private school and public schools was shameful. The real history of this country and the outstanding people who have left their mark on all of us is fascinating to read. Problem is most people won’t read anything more than a couple of paragraphs.
    Just finished the biography of Harry Truman. Never went to college, could not spell very good but what a read of an outstanding American.

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